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Who is Web Moxie?


We're youthful and agile, wise and experienced. Web Moxie started in 1999, and has been partying like it's 1999 ever since. Well, actually, we've been working hard and are proud to be a small business that has successfully weathered the Great Recession.

We're the game changer. The playmaker. We're the member of your team that makes it happen online.

We're headquartered in Gettysburg, PA, where we've helped businesses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. We love our local clients and understand their markets.

But we're more than local. We work with you wherever you're located. We work with big clients – like the US Department of Housing and Urban Development – and small. We treat you like a person, not an organization. We build relationships and believe in trust.


kelly matthewsKelly Matthews. It's been said that behind every great company is a great woman. And so it is true for Web Moxie. Kelly loves all things online – websites, web commerce, social media, database development, multimedia, and custom apps. You name it, she's done it.

As the founder of Web Moxie, she's pioneered the application of new technologies for big cool companies like LEGO and Sony, as well as many small cool companies and non-profits. Kelly specializes in Adobe's Coldfusion and SQL and keeps on top of new developments in the field in her spare time.

Don't know Coldfusion from Kentucky Fried Chicken? Not a problem – Kelly works closely with each and every client to ensure they get the technology they need to meet their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Emmett Sims. As the Vice President of Sales, Emmett makes sure that Web Moxie ‘s clients get what they need. Technology, business solutions, product support – Emmett helps clients find their voice and shape their needs.

Although a new comer to Web Moxie – joining in 2011 – Emmett has over 23 years of experience in technology and telecommunications. Yeah, he's really, really good...

Alex Layne Alex Lane. Alex – the King of Networking – has been with Web Moxie since 2007, where he applies his talents to network, security, and server administration.

Multi-talented Alex also teaches guitar in the Gettysburg area in his spare time; at times, he's been known to serenade Web Moxie's servers with his soothing music.


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