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Big Teams, LLC


Big Teams is a suite of over 150 sites that cater to athletic departments all over the country. Athletic directors, coaches and boosters use the individual sites to keep up on game times, scores and stats. Web Moxie worked with Big Teams to build this application from the ground up. Development included content management, e-commerce, custom web and database development, hosting support and more.


Web Moxie rebuilt some very critical features and took us through a major upgrade and overhaul of our system. They know custom web design and development well. They incorporated a lot of very new and helpful items that I know our clients appreciate. They have had good suggestions for better ways to do things, and stay on top of developments in the field. Additionally, Kelly has an outstanding understanding of how servers work, and has helped us efficiently troubleshoot several complex issues. Web Moxie has been a valuable asset to BigTeams.
-Jeff Gilbert, Managing Partner


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