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What do we do exactly?


Maybe your website needs a face lift. Maybe you’ve missed the social media revolution. Maybe your customers can’t find you.

Or just maybe, you've got a cool idea for an online business, but have no idea where to start. We can help, because Web Moxie is where art meets function.


You know the look you're going for... but you can't quite put it into words or images. We can help.

Our talented staff will walk you through a series of questions that will help clarify your thoughts. Next, we create mock-ups and designs that capture your dreams and your customers' hearts. What we do isn't magic, but it certainly feels like it.

The Art of Branding - We work with you to develop your voice, your logo, your "look and feel." We want your brand to communicate your promise to your customers - concisely and with precision.

Website Design - We can create the online environment that perfectly captures your brand. From websites to e-commerce, we do it all. But we're not a factory; we're more like old-world artisans. We tailor each part of your website to your specific needs. It's the personal touch that only Web Moxie delivers.

Marketing materials - From videos to print materials, from blogs to social media - Web Moxie gets you noticed. Love infographics? Need a spicy marketing campaign for a new product launch? We've got you covered.

Content creation - You don't have time to keep that blog current or tweet about your cool services. Use our creative writers and marketing geniuses for your social media and content needs. They live for this!

You have a great story to tell - we can help you tell it.


Yup - we're well aware that some parts of your website just aren't as exciting as your company's images, colors, and stories. But, they're important for your success. At Web Moxie, we work the "back end" of your website. We take care of the little details that add up to big results. Without this, your website is just another pretty face.

Content management - You want a dynamic website, and you want to update it easily. We make content management like child's play. We build your website so you can swap photos, update text, and highlight your fabulous products and services - fast.

Web development - We build the front end websites and back-end software that keeps your company ahead of the competition. Did we mention that we're really, really good?

User experience - When your customers view your website, what do they see? How do they interact with you? We help you decipher the user experience and implement the best rules of engagement.

SEO - Feel like you're waving your arms and shouting at the top of your lungs, but no one can find you? We use sophisticated search engine optimization tools and techniques to ensure you stand out in the crowd. No more "where's Waldo" moments.

Social media - Tweet, link, like, repeat. Social media moves at the speed of light - are you ready to engage? Web Moxie helps you set up your social media tools, establish a strategy, and engage your customers faster than a Jedi warrior.

Web hosting - New to online? Not sure where your website "lives"? If we design it, we can host it. We de-mystify web hosting and set up a nice "crib" for your website. Seriously.


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