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What our clients have to say

Laura Talbert, Owner, B.S. Tattoo & Skate: Web Moxie has proved the BEST business relationship I've ever created. Web Moxie has developed our website to truly capture our vision. What started as a simple website has, thanks to Web Moxie, become a vehicle for our business to graduate and expand. Thanks to Web Moxie, our website has become another store front for us. We started this new venture not very computer literate, but Kelly has eased our fears and created a website that is easy to use for both us and the customer. And the best part, she's so patient and tolerant of all of our questions along the way! Kelly doesn't leave you hanging with no support, she's efficient and quick and always ready to answer questions or give support. I look forward to working with Web Moxie for ALL our web needs!

Melanie Harris, Owner, Sisarina: Kelly of Web Moxie is a great developer with a fun, yet solid disposition. She has the ability to create something from nothing and include versatile functionality. When given a project that fits her capabilities, Kelly is able to go above and beyond what she is expected and find success.

Juan Vega, President, ThinkBusiness Media: Without a doubt, working with Web Moxie to develop our complex Web site has been one of the most successful engagements that we've had with any vendor. Web Moxie built our Web site in less than half the time that other firms quoted. At every turn, whether it was getting the job done in a short time frame, adding another task to the list, Web Moxie cheerfully brought their A-game to the table. They got it done right, in half the time, at a fraction of the cost, and, best of all, the Web site is better than we had expected.

Rona Fried, Owner, Web Moxie is doing a great job as our web developer. They quickly understood our business model and we rely on them to suggest ways to improve on and implement the concepts we have for our website. They work quickly and efficiently and are very responsive, all critical for our small business.

Bobby Page, Owner, 3rd Dimension Productions: Web Moxie brought my business into the 21st century. My business is performing skydiving exhibition jumps (demos) into most any outdoor event. There is not that much competition for clients in my area (the mid Atlantic Region), but without any web presence, customers were not finding me easily, if at all. Word-of-mouth was my only hope.

Web Moxie was courteous, professional, and very responsive to my needs and requests. I knew what I needed to say but didn't know how I wanted it to look. Web Moxie put together a very clean, informative, and professional site that I continuously get compliments on. And business is growing. I am getting bigger venues and bigger crowds to jump in front of .. which is always more fun! Everyone needs a demo! ;o)

Jeff Gilbert, Managing Partner, BigTeams LLC: Kelly Matthews is a very good programmer. Web Moxie rebuilt some very critical features and took us through a major upgrade and overhaul of our system. They incorporated a lot of very new and helpful items that I know our clients appreciate. They have had good suggestions for better ways to do things, and stay on top of developments in the field. Additionally, Kelly has an outstanding understanding of how servers work, and has helped us efficiently troubleshoot several complex issues. Web Moxie has been a valuable asset to BigTeams.

Laura Leggett, President, BtoB Connect: Our whole business is web-based from the site itself to the database to the billing to the member portal. Web Moxie did a fabulous job with this very intricate project. We're most impressed with Kelly's responsiveness in maintaining the site or troubleshooting when necessary. Our business couldn't operate smooth without Web Moxie as a trusted vendor.

Cory Washington, CEO, Inspiration Guided, LLC: Web Moxie was there from day 1, all the way to completion. Each inquire was answered no matter how complicated and was executed with confidence. To this day they are my number one choice concerning anything web related. To sum up my experience with Web Moxie, they deliver.

Will James, Prisdent, Brainseed: A few months ago, I had a major catastrophe with my internet service provider. After being told that my information could not be restored, I immediately phoned upon my friend Kelly Matthews - owner of Web Moxie. We ported over the information to her server and within a few short days I was up and running - fully. She is in the process of enhancing some features on my website.

I am very pleased with her service and responsiveness. I HIGHLY recommend Web Moxie!!!

Michelle Cutler, Writer/Director: WebMoxie efficiently guided us from idea to realization. We wanted a website we could manage ourselves, but that looked unique. We explained the functionality we wanted and gave design samples from other websites. Web Moxie did some mock ups for feedback, we chose what we liked, gave some notes, and she turned it around in no time. It was a great experience to have the control we wanted while having an expert guide us on our decision making. I actively recommend Web Moxie for any project!

Cyndy Drew Etler, Author: Webdiva saved my business. That sounds like hyperbole. It's not. My website was on the brink of devastation on the most important day of my career. I called Web Moxie, and they swept in with a superhero cape. Within hours, all was safe and secure, and I hadn't had to lift a finger. The remedy was fast and invisible. I could say more, using words such as "thorough" and "comprehensive" and "far-reaching knowledge." But that superhero cape? You can't top that. My vote: trust these guys with your life.

Dean Jean-Pierre, Author: Web Moxie has delivered on everything I've asked. It's been a pleasure working with Kelly to design my website. I would have no trouble recommending her services to anyone who needs a Web Moxie to come to their rescue.

Joe Zuccaro, CEO, B2B Twitter of the Year Awards: Working with Web Moxie, I set specifications, pricing and deadlines that many web developers were reluctant to meet. Since the audience for the B2B Twitterer of the Year Awards ( was a business audience, I wanted a clean first impression with no distracting bells and whistles that looked "2.0." but wasn't yet another 2.0 site.

Web Moxie did everything right to keep within my specs, budget and timeframe and later was able to make the tweaks that customers like me always need to make after we've deluded ourselves into thinking we've thought it out thoroughly.

Julie Thomas, Owner, JMT Photographics: I've known Kelly of Web Moxie for many years as we became friends first online. Over the years I've listened and observed her work and witnessed her talent; and was always impressed. It was 2 years ago when I finally wanted her (and only her) to design and host my side business website. I told her very basically what I was looking for, and she ran with it, and I absolutely LOVED her first version! I recommend anyone looking for design, programming or hosting to use Web Moxie, for they are affordable, prompt, detailed, helpful. Kelly is a great associate and friend of mine! Thank you so much Web Moxie, I am so appreciative of everything you've done for me!

George Macedo, President, Caralex LLC: Web Moxie has done a great job for CARALEX clients. Not only have they developed easy-to-use commercial websites but also improved client database issues to create better marketing opportunities. I highly recommend Web Moxie services.

Joe Murnan, Hariri Foundation: We are very, very pleased with the work that Web Moxie has done for us for our website. We are most impressed with how quickly and professionally our work has been done for our website. Web Moxie has done a great job in making our website more visitor friendly and easier to navigate. This is very important to us as we try to get our information out to the world in a very timely manner.

P.J. Goel, Marketing Director, Delaware Cornerstone Builders: Web Moxie has been instrumental to development to our web page. They stayed and kept our team focused to accomplish the task at hand. I would recommend Web Moxie to anyone as they performed superbly.

John Benson, President, Diamond Library: Web Moxie has given us an impressive combination of quality with attention to detail, creativity, speed of completion and ongoing support. In the highly competitive world of web design and site maintenance, Web Moxie is a standout performer.

Connell Jones, Co-Owner, Christside Promotions: Christside Promotions is proud to have chosen Web Moxie as our web development team. The ability to request changes via e-mail and phone are great. Changes were often implemented within minutes of being requested. All that we can say about Web Moxie is... you go girl!

Paula Davis, MPH, DC Stats Consultant: Thank you Web Moxie for the great work you did in helping design the DC Stats website. The website is successful because of you. I appreciate that you provide personalized service for "low tech" people like myself. I look forward to working with you to update our website.

Amy Deso, Publications Coordinator, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, Inc.: Web Moxie has done an excellent job coding text and updating our website. They provide our association with professional, quality, and prompt service. Web Moxie is there when you need them and can really get the job done!

John Fineran, Owner, Fintel Communications: Web Moxie has been a wonderful partner to FinTel Communications. Kelly has delivered quite a few projects on time with no problems at all. Once I have turned over the project to her, I can be confident that it will be done correctly and delivered in a timely manner. I look forward to continuing our wonderful working relationship.